Business model, Business Model Canvas, business plan... It's easy to get lost among the available opportunities, especially if you're using business tools for the first time. Therefore, in Module 4 we will help you organise the knowledge which will help you evaluate your business idea.

What else to expect? A solid dose of knowledge, meetings with business practitioners and practical tasks are waiting for you.



You already know from the previous modules that a business idea alone is not enough. Entrepreneurial opportunities and whether you can translate the idea into specific actions are also important. Specific tools to reach for when you are thinking about starting your own business or start-up will help you.

What is a business model? What distinguishes the Business Model Canvas from a business plan? How can you use the Lean Start-up approach? Answers to these questions will be provided by Professor Agnieszka Kurczewska. In addition, you will learn what the following terms mean: MVP, Pivot or Bootstrapping.



In an interview with a practitioner, Szymon Midera will talk about his own experiences with determining the value propositions and usefulness of individual business tools. He will also sum up the methodology of Lean Start-up and iterative design, in the case of which customers are at its centre. Finally, as always, we will also ask why it’s worth considering the career path and the life of an entrepreneur.



A business created with passion for Polish design from the past decades? The creators of Pan tu nie stał – an already iconic clothing brand – started with a blog that was created in 2006. After a dozen years, they are one of the most recognised brands in Lodz, and you will also find their stores in other cities. We encourage you to listen to the conversation with Maciej Lebiedowicz, founder and owner of Pan tu nie stał.

You can buy the brand’s clothing and accessories at If you prefer stationary shopping, check out the shop in Off Piotrkowska.


Professor Jarosław Ropęga from the Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw in an expert comment will show the relationship of the company's development with the concept of effectuation that you are already familiar with. How does the history of the brand connect with the entrepreneurship studies? Watch the video and get to know the answer.



One of the tools that appeared in the theoretical part is the Business Model Canvas. Dr. Agata Matuszewska-Kubicz will guide you through its nine elements that will allow your business idea to take real shape

Download the file which you fill find below the video and use the tips from the video to complete the sheet. 

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