This is the end. Academy of Entrepreneurship is behind you! Congratulations on completing the course and thank you for choosing to spend this time with us.

In the videos we often refer to the slogan "Entrepreneurship is everywhere". We are fully convinced that it’s true. What’s more, this is a topic that neither we nor anybody else can exhaust in a few episodes. New concepts and solutions will appear all the time. Who knows, maybe soon we will meet again to tell your story? We keep our fingers!

The course is an invitation to the fascinating world of entrepreneurship. Explore it at your own pace in the way you find most suitable.  We want the University of Lodz to be a place that supports its students’ entrepreneurial skills. We hope that our virtual meeting will encourage you to explore further. Let us know – share your impressions by sending an e-mail to:


We are currently preparing more activities extending the elements that have appeared during the course. To make your waiting time more pleasant, and to make it easier for you to take the first step towards entrepreneurship, we have collected some information:

EkSoc StartUP Competition – an offer for those who are thinking about setting up their own business. The event was initiated in 2019 and is now permanently incorporated into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the University of Lodz. 

A number of opportunities await you at the Career Office of the University of Lodz, including individual consultations with an entrepreneurship advisor, as well as workshops and trainings that will help you develop key competences.

See you!